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House of Garrard, the world's longest serving jeweller, is proud to continue its celebrated relationship with one of Britain’s most esteemed events, Royal Ascot.

A triumph of design

The very first Gold Cup was made by Garrard in 1842. The House then continued to supply Royal Ascot trophies through its 164 years as Crown Jeweller, returning to the commission in recent years. While technical brilliance unites the designs, tastes have changed. From Queen Victoria’s love of mythical statuettes to today’s more classically elegant cups, Garrard has mastered them all.

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Dress to Impress

Few events in the British social calendar are as intimately associated with elegance as Royal Ascot. “Royal Ascot is a feast for the eyes,” says Creative Director, Sara Prentice, “and well-chosen jewels, like tassel earrings or a large coloured stone ring, can really enhance the impact of an outfit.”

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To view a piece, collection or to discuss a new commission you can visit Garrard in London or Shanghai.

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