A truly egg-squisite commission

April 1, 2021

As we approach the Easter celebrations, we look back on one of Garrard's most unusual and entertaining projects.

Alongside legendary jewellery commissions from kings, queens, princes and princesses, the House of Garrard has received some more unusual requests. In 1983 the House, then Crown Jeweller, was called upon by one of the kings of the chocolate world, Cadbury, to design and create some of the most decadent and opulent Easter eggs of all time.

‘The Cadbury's Creme Egg Mystery’ was a treasure hunt, in which 12 gold eggs were buried in secret locations across the UK. The precious objects could be found by solving clues hidden in a book, each one based on a different story or verse. Chosen by Cadbury for its reputation as ‘a twentieth century legend’ with a ‘world of beauty, of mystery, of elegance’ at the London flagship, Garrard handcrafted spectacular eggs in 22 carat gold. Each one weighed approximately 250g and was exquisitely enamelled and engraved in rich, delicious, shimmering hues of gold, blue, green and orange.

The treasures were hidden in caskets containing a certificate of ownership and a telephone number, which the finder called to claim their egg. However, the Easter challenge was met with an overwhelming level of enthusiasm, as thousands of people started digging up private land and protected sites in their hunt for the Garrard gold. As a consequence, before all the eggs had been claimed, Cadbury’s was forced to call off the contest due to the number of complaints from landowners.

Whilst golden eggs don’t feature in the current creations from the Garrard workshop, the in-house team do continue to produce highly coveted, handcrafted jewelled treasures that connoisseurs clamour to get their hands on. Moreover, rather than being buried underground, today these treasures are yours to discover, online and on the phone, with advice from your own personal consultant.

When the Mayfair flagship reopens, come and see us in person to discover the world of beauty, mystery and elegance that lives on to this day. Until then, contact our dedicated team who are available to assist with enquiries about bespoke commissions and jewellery.

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