Aloria, a new collection from Garrard

July 24, 2020

New designs from Garrard inspired by one of the House’s most legendary royal commissions

The industry-leading, all-female design team at Garrard have breathed new life into the motif at the heart of one of the House’s most legendary royal commissions – the setting of the most precious diamond of all time, the Cullinan I.

Artfully uniting heritage cues with cutting-edge craftsmanship and design, Aloria celebrates Garrard’s setting of the Cullinan I in the Sovereign’s Sceptre in 1910. The strong silhouette framing the world’s largest cut and colourless diamond has been reimagined in the House’s Sovereign motif and a powerful sense of strength, spirit and unity sit at the heart of the new designs.

The Aloria collection is the latest to join Garrard’s treasure trove of regally-inspired jewels, a fresh interpretation of an iconic design rooted in the brand’s heritage and handcrafted in the Garrard workshop.

“Garrard’s craftsmanship in Aloria is as innovative now as it was for the setting of the Cullinan I in 1910,” explains Sara Prentice, Garrard’s Creative Director. “The clean lines and simplicity of the design mask the complexity and detail that have gone into each piece”.

Garrard’s signature goldwork has been elevated to new three-dimensional levels and, skilfully faceted, it shimmers across rings, bracelets and earrings.

“The clean lines and simplicity of the design mask the complexity and detail that have gone into each piece” Sara Prentice Creative Director of House of Garrard

The bold silhouette of the Sovereign motif is embellished with diamonds that sit gently at an angle in each piece alongside coloured gemstones, calibré-cut in the larger pieces and in a range of glorious hues – from pink sapphires and diamonds set in rose gold, to yellow sapphires and diamonds in yellow gold, and brilliant all-white diamonds and aquamarines set in white gold.

The creative team led by Sara Prentice knows how to inject their designs with elegant simplicity, which belies their versatile, playful nature.

Just as the gold clasps holding the Cullinan I can be opened and the magnificent diamond removed to be worn as a brooch (suspended from the Cullinan I set in the Imperial State Crown – yet another of Garrard’s royal commissions), the Aloria designs offer several options for the ways in which they can be worn.

Necklaces come in adjustable lengths and earrings can be worn as studs or with back jackets of differing colours. In some pieces the Sovereign motif is set with diamonds on one side and with white enamel – mirroring the colour of the enamel surrounding the
Cullinan I – on the other.

Reversibility is achieved via a discreet hinge mechanism, which enables simple adaptability while ensuring beautifully fluid designs. And in recognition of Queen Mary’s penchant for switching the gemstones in her jewels to match her dress, several of the white diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings in the collection have interchangeable coloured motifs that can be added to bring a pop of colour to the piece, depending on the occasion, outfit or mood of the wearer.

“The Aloria collection epitomises Garrard’s design ideals: ingenuity of craftsmanship, exceptional gemstones and adaptability of design,” says Sara. “It’s a powerful collection and we’re looking forward to seeing clients wear the pieces with their own confident, unique style”.

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