Beijing Boutique Launch

October 2, 2018

The House of Garrard continues its reign as the world’s longest serving jeweller with the opening of its first boutique in Beijing.

This September Garrard has opened its doors to customers in China’s capital city, Beijing. Its new boutique is based in the landmark Emperor Group Centre skyscraper on Chang’An Street, a prestigious location in the city’s most exclusive shopping centre and at the heart of the country’s political and cultural life. Situated on the ground floor and spread across 100 square metres, the store includes three VIP rooms where visitors can take time to appreciate pieces in private.

“It’s been a pleasure creating jewels for customers in China since we opened our Shanghai flagship last year,” says Sara Prentice, Creative Director. “Now with a presence in Beijing we’re in an even better position to explore how our heritage and craftsmanship can come to life for the sophisticated women who want to wear our designs.”

With a focus on high jewellery and bespoke commissions, the store continues a legacy of unique, one-off designs that reaches back to Garrard’s founding year and its first royal commission. An order from Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1735 marked the start of a long relationship with the British royal family, formalised in 1843 when Queen Victoria appointed the House first official Crown Jeweller. Iconic jewels have been created for each successive generation, including the sapphire cluster engagement ring of Diana, Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge.

On show at the store’s launch event will be an extraordinary jewel that pays tribute to this rich past. The 118.88 carat Garrard Jubilee Sapphire is a stone of exceptional size, rarity and beauty. A worthy successor to the sapphires long associated with the House, its setting recalls the cluster brooch given to Queen Victoria on her wedding day.

It will be joined by the White Rose necklace featuring Garrard’s signature motif of radiating lines, first used to hold Queen Mary’s heartshaped Cullinan V diamond. Here the pearshape diamond and white gold motif at the centre of this one-of-a-kind necklace can be detached and worn as a brooch, showcasing the versatility of Garrard designs. Recent additions to the Jewelled Vault will also be on view, in a celebration of the colour and beauty of the finest gemstones.

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