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November 24, 2020

Each stone has a story to tell…

Sapphires, emeralds and rubies are among the most precious gemstones on earth, worn and prized by royalty for centuries. Garrard celebrates the colour and character of these majestic, richly saturated stones, pairing them with white diamonds in timeless designs that exude joy.

Every coloured gemstone is unique; its individual combination of hue, saturation and brilliance cannot be duplicated. Garrard sources only the most beautiful stones, each one selected for its exceptional quality and spirit. Look deep into these coloured gems and they have stories to tell, whether in the deep, velvety blue of an outstanding sapphire, the crimson flashes of a vibrant ruby, or the verdant ‘jardins’ found within a spellbinding emerald.

Garrard’s colourful history

As the longest-serving jeweller in the world and Crown Jeweller for over 160 years, Garrard has worked with some of the most extraordinary coloured gemstones ever found in nature.

Some of these jewels reside in the royal collection, such as the 96 Burmese rubies that Garrard set into the Queen’s Burmese Ruby tiara in 1973, and the renowned Cambridge emeralds, which Garrard crafted into the iconic Delhi Durbar parure for Queen Mary in 1911. Others pay tribute to Garrard’s royal heritage, such as the unheated 118.88ct Burmese Jubilee sapphire set at the centre of a one-of-a-kind brooch created by Garrard in 2018, inspired by the cluster brooch given to Queen Victoria on her wedding day.

A vibrant collection of jewels

Today, coloured gemstones shine within Garrard’s most spectacular designs. The 1735 collection, a reference to the house’s founding year, sees beautifully proportioned oval sapphires, emeralds and rubies framed by a cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds. The timeless signature style is as enchanting today as it was when Queen Victoria reigned.

Equally sophisticated is the Regal Cascade range, in which meticulously colour-matched gemstones drop elegantly from the Sovereign motif, drawn from the Sovereign’s Sceptre, which Garrard redesigned in 1910 to accommodate the world’s largest cut and colourless polished diamond.

The Aloria collection features a strikingly contemporary interpretation of the Sovereign motif, with calibré-cut emeralds, rubies and sapphires emphasising the graphic silhouette. Calibré-cut coloured stones also bring an artistic touch to the Fanfare range, each stone precisely cut to embellish the ornate, diamond-set fans.

Named ‘ratnaraj’ in Sanskrit, meaning ‘king of gemstones’, rubies in particular are among the world’s most sought-after gems. Garrard’s Jewelled Vault pieces comprise unique jewels designed around singularly beautiful gemstones, such as a 1.70ct ruby framed by a sunburst, in a one-of-a-kind cocktail ring.

Over 500 polished ruby beads weighing 515 carats feature in the sumptuous Red Rose necklace, each bead exactly matched in colour and subtly graduating in size. These luscious beads are set between diamond rondelles and diamond-set roses, a nod to Garrard’s royal heritage.

Nine strands of ruby beads form a vibrant tassel in the effortlessly glamorous Entanglement earrings, swing from the diamond lover’s knot motif taken from a tiara designed in 1913 for Queen Mary.

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From one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by centuries-old regal jewels, to contemporary creations intended to be worn every day, Garrard’s combination of timeless design, exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable gemstones continues to enchant and delight.

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