How to choose an engagement ring – A fine jewellery buyer’s guide

September 3, 2019

The insights that can help you make the right decision.

The day of an engagement proposal is one that will be remembered in detail, and at its heart is the engagement ring, a symbol of the feelings you have for each other and the commitment you will make. No wonder that choosing an engagement ring can be daunting. Yet there are many ways to make it a straightforward and even enjoyable experience. Whether via a private consultation at the House or remotely wherever you may be in the world, Garrard’s expert team are on hand at every step of the journey to help you choose a ring that gets just the right reaction.

Choosing an engagement ring style

Style: You may be surprised to discover how much you already know about the kind of engagement ring design your future wife will treasure. Look at the jewellery worn by your partner. Is it subtle or does it make a statement? What are her perennial favourites? Do they have features in common? If you’re unsure, consider taking one of her close friends into your confidence and asking their advice.

Precious metals: “Men are often able to tell us exactly what kind of metal their partner likes to wear,” says Claire Scott, Head of Design. “Whether it’s white or yellow gold, for instance.” It’s good to know, since your partner is likely to wear her engagement ring everyday, alongside other best-loved jewels.

Gemstones: Does your partner gravitate towards certain colours, like ruby red or emerald green? A gemstone may also be treasured for its family associations or its symbolism. The Four Cs of cut, colour, clarity and carat are the universal measures by which a diamond’s beauty is judged. Garrard’s specialists can talk you through the different qualities of diamonds and gemstones, to assist your choice.

Choosing an engagement ring size

Creative Director Sara Prentice suggests bringing another of your partner’s rings to get the size right. If this isn’t an option, there will be designs available that are easier to adjust or resize after your proposal. The Garrard experts can guide you through the decision-making process, sharing ideas, insights and expertise.

Making it personal

Whether you purchase an existing design or choose to go bespoke, there are ways to add meaning to an engagement ring.

Reviving an heirloom: Many Garrard engagement rings are bespoke and as Head of Design, Claire notes “Clients often bring in an heirloom that was designed by Garrard to be incorporated into the design. They want to include that personal history in their own love story.”

The Garrard Bespoke touch

For centuries, Garrard has worked with customers to realise their vision in stone and metal. Those stones are all certified with the pre-eminent certification bodies, guaranteeing quality. Among the resulting designs is perhaps the most famous engagement ring in the world, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sapphires, like that in the Duchess’s ring, are synonymous with the House. Today, every engagement ring created by the team carries a small sapphire inside its band to bring ‘something blue’ to the occasion. It is this kind of attention to detail that creates jewels with impact and meaning. As Sara says, “This is your opportunity to create your own love story in the shape of a carefully chosen ring.”

"Every Garrard engagement ring created by the team carries a small sapphire inside its band to bring ‘something blue’ to the occasion. This is your opportunity to create your own love story in the shape of a carefully chosen ring." Sara Prentice Creative Director

An engagement experience to treasure

For centuries, Britain’s royal family has entrusted the House with its most precious moments. A visit to 24 Albemarle Street, Garrard’s flagship London boutique since 1911, reveals the qualities that have set the House apart for so long.

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