Declarations of Love – Garrard’s exclusive exhibition at Imperial Springs, China

January 15, 2020

As the longest serving royal jeweller, the House of Garrard has designed many of the most iconic pieces of jewellery in the world, from glittering tiaras to exquisite earrings, necklaces and rings still worn by royalty today. Among these inimitable pieces are jewels that have played a role in some of the greatest love stories in British royal history, as told in an enchanting new exhibition coming to Conghua District, Guangzhou this January.

This January, Garrard is offering its clients in China another chapter in the House’s extraordinary history: an exhibition of regal declarations of love. Guests will learn about the important commissions and exceptional designs that are entwined with over 280 years of royal love stories, and will be able to see how those precious pieces have influenced today’s collections.

“This is the perfect opportunity for clients to see the romantic side of Garrard’s heritage, to fall in love with the House, and even extend the House’s narrative into their own love story,” says Creative Director Sara Prentice. For, continuing the success of the two previous exhibitions in China, the House returns with over 150 jewels that will be available to purchase, as well as drawings, photography and tales of the legendary pieces that influenced their creation. “The exhibition promises to be a truly dazzling display,” continues Sara.

“This is the perfect opportunity for clients to extend the House’s narrative into their own love story,” Sara Prentice Creative Director of Garrard

Guests will be transported into a royal palace, as they discover the history behind the stones and styles of jewellery given as expressions of love and passed down through generations. There are the sapphires that have become synonymous with the House: stories include the brooch given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert on the eve of their wedding, and the glittering ring now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Another room documents the pieces worn by Britain’s greatest princesses: the Lover’s Knot tiara featuring a design that has no beginning or end, symbolising eternal love, and the Swan Lake necklace designed for Princess Diana. The bridal room enlightens visitors with the stories behind the jewels given and worn for weddings, such as the Fringe tiara worn by the then Princess Elizabeth, now HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Interspersed with the tales of these and other infamous jewels will be the beautifully wearable and modern designs that they have inspired. Guests will be able to trace the emergence and development of motifs from bespoke royal commissions through different iterations to the jewels they can purchase and wear today.

These include the most recently launched collection, Wings Embrace, where delicate gemstones enhance iconic silhouettes. These are shown alongside highlights from other contemporary collections, including the delicate and versatile Princess Tiaras, the vividly iconic necklaces and earrings of Regal Cascade, and the truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind Jewelled Vault rings.

“This exhibition continues Garrard’s commitment to its clients in China,” says CEO Joanne Milner. “Along with two stores, in Shanghai and Beijing, we are delighted to return to Guangzhou, enabling more people to discover the rich legacy of the House and to be swept away by its captivating love stories.”

"We are delighted to enable more people to discover the rich legacy of the House and to be swept away by its captivating love stories." Joanne Milner CEO of House of Garrard

The House of Garrard’s exhibition, Declarations of Love, at Imperial Springs, Conghua District, Guangzhou, is open by invitation only from 10th January 2020 and will run for 6 weeks.

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