Garrard’s regal heritage travels to Conghua District, China

December 6, 2018

From trophies to tiaras, the House of Garrard has designed some of the most iconic royal creations. Now it returns to Conghua District, Guangzhou to reveal how this regal heritage continues to influence the design of its jewels.

This December Garrard opens a new chapter in its story for clients in China. Invited guests will discover how royal patrons, historic commissions and iconic designs remain an inspiration in an exhibition that brings together highlights from the House’s regal past with a wealth of recent creations.

Building on the success of its inaugural exhibition at Imperial Springs, the House returns with over 200 jewels that will be available to purchase, as well as the heritage pieces that influenced their creation. “The exhibition draws on over 280 years of heritage to offer a truly dazzling display,” says Creative Director Sara Prentice.

“This will be a unique opportunity for many of our clients to step into the world of Garrard. The exhibition draws on over 280 years of heritage to offer a truly dazzling display “ Sara Prentice Creative Director

Looking back to Garrard’s earliest years in the heart of London’s theatre district, visitors will see its first royal commission handwritten into the 1735 ledger. They’ll move through the years when the House was appointed Crown Jeweller, creating masterpieces for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Original Royal Ascot trophies will be joined by replicas of some of Garrard’s most iconic commissions.

These include the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara worn by Her Majesty The Queen on the country’s currency, the Lover’s Knot tiara made famous by Princess Diana and the Lotus Flower tiara memorably worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at the state banquet in 2015. Scans of the visitors’ book will show royal signatures dating back to the opening of the London flagship store in 1911.

Interspersed with these pieces will be the beautifully wearable designs they have inspired. Astute visitors will trace the emergence and development of motifs from bespoke royal commissions through different iterations to the jewels they can wear today.

These include the auspicious 118.88 ct Garrard Jubilee Sapphire presented in a brooch that features the House’s signature cluster setting. A stone of exceptional size, rarity and beauty, it is a worthy successor to the sapphires long associated with Garrard. They will see the White Rose necklace featuring Garrard’s signature motif of radiating lines, first used to hold Queen Mary’s heart-shaped Cullinan V diamond.

Also on view will be recent additions to the Jewelled Vault, in a celebration of the colour and beauty of the finest gemstones. These are shown alongside selected highlights from the House collections, including the delicate and versatile Princess Tiaras and vividly iconic necklaces and earrings of Regal Cascade.

“This exhibition is further proof of Garrard’s commitment to its clients in China,” says CEO Joanne Milner. “We followed the launch of our Shanghai flagship store in 2017 with a second boutique in Beijing this year. Now we are giving the sophisticated women of southern China the opportunity to discover Garrard’s heritage in person and own a part of this rich legacy.”

“This exhibition is further proof of Garrard’s commitment to its clients in China,” says CEO Joanne Milner. “ Joanne Milner CEO of House of Garrard

The House of Garrard exhibition at Imperial Springs, Conghua District, Guangzhou, will be open by invitation only from 18th December 2018. The closing ceremony will be held on 28 February 2019.

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