Unique engagement rings for the modern couple

July 18, 2019

Inspired by a heritage of beautiful, one-off designs, Garrard’s engagement rings are set to be the classics of future years.

An engagement ring is a symbol of two lives joining together. It speaks not just of a couple’s great love and commitment, but also of their style and the approach to life they’ll take. For this reason, many go beyond traditional choices, seeking out unique engagement rings with a stone, setting and style they can proudly call their own.

Their starting point is often the sapphire engagement ring worn by Princess Diana, and more recently given by Prince William to his bride, the Duchess of Cambridge. Designed by the House of Garrard, the ring was inspired by centuries of one-off royal creations and a heritage of craftsmanship. Its cluster setting features an oval Ceylon sapphire of singular beauty, surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds.

This iconic design is explored to rich effect in the House’s 1735 collection, which includes a platinum ring set with an oval sapphire and diamonds. The newest addition to this enduringly popular collection is the Double Cluster, which features a second smaller surround of white diamonds, bestowing an added intensity on the sapphire, ruby or emerald at its heart. Tradition has long determined that white diamonds make the perfect engagement ring, so colour is an area where the modern couple can really make their mark with a more unusual engagement ring.

In the Jewelled Vault, signature Garrard motifs are celebrated in the vivid colours of pigeon blood rubies, royal blue sapphires, Colombian emeralds and fancy coloured diamonds. Every design starts with the finest, most remarkable gemstone. Its cut then determines its setting. In recent one-off designs, oval sapphires and rubies have been enhanced through the introduction of thread set surrounds of tiny white diamonds to create a dazzling display. Constantly evolving, new designs are added to the Jewelled Vault when suitably magnificent stones are found, allowing the design team the chance to find new and exciting ways to explore classic Garrard signatures.

Other engagement rings in the Vault feature cushion cut rubies and emeralds which are intensified with colourful surround stones, calibre cut to achieve a continuous, vivid line around the centre. The result is an array of unique engagement rings that are also uniquely Garrard, making this a treasure trove worth exploring.

For the couple looking to explore not just colour but proportion, setting and style, there is the option to commission a bespoke engagement ring. At Garrard this a chance to work with experienced designers, seeing how ideas can be sparked and take shape in the place where many of the world’s most admired rings, tiaras and brooches were created.

An expert gemmologist is on hand to advise on the perfect stone and the studio and workshop are on site, allowing the opportunity to see how the bespoke engagement ring is crafted by hand.

For those looking to personalise their choice further, within the band of every Garrard engagement ring sits a small sapphire offering ‘something blue’ for the occasion. To this can be added an engraved description: the finishing touch to the perfect unique engagement ring.

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