United through love – the Tudor Rose collection

January 25, 2018

The Tudor Rose - A public declaration of commitment

Where the bow’s meaning could remain private, the Tudor Rose was always intended to act as a public declaration of unity between husband and wife. It now stands as the most enduring symbol of England.

Its origins reach back centuries, to a time when the country’s royal families were at war with each other. For many years, the Houses

of York and Lancaster did battle for the crown. With the marriage in 1486 of Henry VII to Elizabeth of York the Houses were united, and peace finally returned to the land.

To mark the occasion, the King and Queen’s heraldic emblems were combined, white rose upon red, to make the Tudor Rose. Initially this new creation symbolised the joining together of these two individuals and their families. Over the centuries that followed it was used by every succeeding monarch and is now the floral badge of Britain.

Inspired by this rich history and symbolism, Garrard’s designers have reimagined the Tudor Rose in rose and white gold. The double-flowered bloom is traced in brilliant cut diamonds, the pattern work recalling the detailed craftsmanship of those years long past.

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