The Stones That Made Garrard

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The Sovereign Motif

Inspired by the setting of the most precious stone of all - the Cullinan I diamond.
In setting this stone atop the Sovereign's Sceptre in 1910, Garrard
made not just the sceptre but history itself.

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The Garrard Cluster

From the sapphire brooch given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert on the eve
of their wedding, to the engagement ring now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge,
the Garrard Cluster is an iconic design that spans generations.

The Garrard Windsor Motif

First crafted by Garrard in 1893, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara is most famously seen on
the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth that appears on banknotes. The Windsor Motif takes inspiration
from the pattern of diamonds that encircle the base of this iconic piece.

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