A Guide to Anniversary Gemstones

A tradition that dates back centuries, celebrating your life together with a gemstone jewellery gift is a beautiful way to honour significant anniversaries. Alongside the classic wedding anniversary gifts of gold and diamonds, given after 50 or 60 years of marriage, a modern list of anniversary gemstones allows couples to celebrate the early milestones with a beautiful jewel. Discover both in our Guide to Anniversary Gemstones.

Garrard Gold Jewellery Albemarle collection yellow gold and white gold diamond rings desktop

1st Anniversary: Gold

Known for its purity and strength, celebrate your 1st anniversary together with a gold jewellery gift from Garrard.

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Garrard Sapphire Jewellery 1735 collection sapphire and diamond single cluster ring

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

A vibrant sapphire jewel, emblematic of longevity, loyalty and health, is the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift.


Garrard Diamond Jewellery Tudor Rose collection white gold diamond earrings

10th Anniversary: Diamond

A classic emblem of love, a diamond jewel is the modern anniversary gift to commemorate a decade together.

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Garrard Ruby Jewellery Jewelled Vault Ruby and diamond high jewellery ring

15th Anniversary: Ruby

For your 15th wedding anniversary, give the gift of a fiery Garrard ruby – a symbol of romantic love for centuries.

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Garrard Aquamarine Jewellery 1735 collection Aquamarine and diamond ring

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine

A symbol of loyalty and hope, a 19th wedding anniversary calls for the soft blue beauty of an aquamarine.

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Garrard emerald Jewellery 1735 collection emerald and diamond ring

20th Anniversary: Emerald

A regal gem steeped in myth, magic and history, celebrate 20 years together with an enigmatic emerald.

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Garrard emerald Jewellery Jewelled Vault emerald and diamond high jewellery ring

35th Anniversary: Emerald

Your 35th wedding anniversary is another opportunity to commemorate your love with an emerald, a time-honoured symbol of love and hope.

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Garrard ruby Jewellery 1735 collection ruby and diamond ring

40th Anniversary: Ruby

A glowing crimson ruby jewel is the time-honoured way to celebrate the important milestone of 40 years of love and marriage.

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Garrard Sapphire Jewellery 1735 collection sapphire and diamond ring desktop

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Celebrate your 45th wedding anniversary with a blue sapphire, its deep colour a reflection of the love you continue to share after all these years.


Garrard Gold Jewellery Albemarle collection yellow gold and white gold diamond band rings desktop

50th Anniversary: Gold

Traditionally given on a golden wedding anniversary, a timeless gold jewel is the perfect way to honour 50 years of marriage.

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Garrard Diamond Jewellery Albemarle collection yellow gold and white gold diamond bracelet

60th Anniversary: Diamond

Renowned for its strength and invincibility, celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary with a diamond – the most enduring stone on earth.

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