Signet Rings

a proud tradition, a unique identity

Among the many commissions that appear in our ledgers runs a thread of signet rings that represent generations of distinguished families. Historically worn as a stamp of identity, the tradition continues at Garrard today with our beautifully crafted collection of signet rings for men and women that can be engraved with a family crest or personalised with initials.


Made to order with a lead time of eight weeks, every aspect of our signet rings can be personalised, from the shape to the precious metal. Choose to wear it unadorned or engraved with initials or a crest to honour your family heritage.

“Many commissions come from parents wishing to mark their son or daughter’s coming of age with a signet ring to commemorate an 18th or 21st birthday.”

Claire Scott, Design Director, Garrard

Put your stamp on a Garrard signet ring by choosing to have up to three initials engraved in our elegant, calligraphic script. Alternatively, we can help you select from hundreds of historic crest designs that have been preserved in our archives.

Commission A Signet Ring

Signet ring with hand engraved crest from 4,200€.


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