New Garrard Packaging Champions Sustainable Style

As part of our ongoing commitment to building a more sustainable future for Garrard, in March 2024 we launched our new Royal Blue packaging. The result of a two-year project to rethink how our jewellery is presented, the new designs are handmade to have the look and feel of a travel jewellery box while providing a safe, secure method of transporting Garrard jewels to all corners of the globe.

Our new packaging was created in collaboration with Wolf, a British company known for its luxury jewellery boxes and watch storage. The company’s shared values of fine craftsmanship and sustainability made them the perfect partner to work with.  

The new designs required a complete reevaluation of function and form. Firstly, it had to be as sustainable as possible while delivering the elevated shopping experience that is synonymous with Garrard. Secondly, it needed to incorporate our new Royal Blue brand colour – the colour of Garrard when Queen Victoria appointed it the first Crown Jeweller in 1843. Finally, with the rise in e-commerce sales at Garrard, it was important that the new packaging presented our jewels in a beautiful manner while providing a secure fit.  

Garrard sustainable Royal Blue jewellery boxes packaging with a Jewelled Vault Ring banner 1

Royal Blue jewellery boxes

The clean, modern style of our jewellery boxes was inspired by Wolf’s range of zip cases. Practical and reusable, they are designed to be kept and, in time, passed down to the next generation, together with the jewellery inside. With the emphasis on sustainability, embracing the principles of circularity and reducing waste where possible, the boxes are wrapped in Royal Blue vegan leather (PU) comprising 35% recycled content, while the blue internal lining fabric is made from 51% recycled content.

Garrard sustainable Royal Blue jewellery boxes packaging paper bag and dust bag

Recyclable and reusable shopping bags  

Made from 100% FSC certified paper, our new Royal Blue shopping bags are designed without ribbons so that the bags are 100% recyclable. On the base of each bag is a QR code that directs to this page and provides details of our journey towards more sustainable packaging. For larger jewellery items, we have created a reusable jute bag that is unlined, making it 100% plastic free.  

An ongoing commitment

With each reorder, we are committed to reviewing what is available and, where possible, making ongoing improvements to the design and materials so that Garrard packaging continues to be best in class in terms of design and sustainability. By 2028, our goal is to ensure all packaging is made from 100% recycled or recyclable materials and follows circular economy principles. 

“Sustainability is embedded in our culture at Garrard,” says Joanne Milner, CEO of Garrard. “The new packaging was a real collaborative effort, and I’m delighted with the end result. Not only is it modern and luxurious, it shows that it is possible to create premium products while working towards your sustainability goals.” 

Read more about Garrard’s sustainability commitments.

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