Caring for Your Garrard Lead Crystal Glassware

A Garrard Guide

Close up of a Garrard Lead Crystal Glassware

How to Clean Lead Crystal Glassware

  • We recommend individually hand washing your crystal with warm water, a soft sponge and mild detergent as soon as possible after use. Avoid using scouring pads, which can scratch your crystal, and sudden water temperature variations, for example hot to cold, as this can crack your crystal.
  • For ease of cleaning, avoid allowing residue deposits to dry on your crystal. If this is not possible, quickly rinse or, even better, leave items filled with water overnight.
  • After washing and rinsing in warm/hot water, allow your crystal to stand upside down, if possible, on kitchen paper or a soft towel to dry naturally.
  • When drying or polishing stemware, avoid holding the glass by the foot, or low on the stem. Instead, hold the bowl of the glass gently in your palm while drying the glass. Keep your thumb on the outside of the bowl to minimise pressure. A twisting action will exert additional stress on the rim, or joint of the bowl and stem, which are the most vulnerable points of the crystal.
  • Microfibre cloths are the best way to dry and polish crystal and require minimal pressure. Be careful not to accidentally apply too much force.
  • No glass or crystal is truly dishwasher safe. If you do choose to wash your crystal in a dishwasher, we suggest a separate crystal wash on a 4O°C gentle cycle, without detergent, or using a gentle-care dishwasher tablet.

Day-to-day Care

  • Avoid leaving wine in decanters and rinse them immediately with clean water after use. When empty, initially store without the stopper to allow for proper airing.
  • For liquor and wine decanters, insert a long strand of absorbent kitchen paper inside for approximately 10 hours to absorb moisture after washing. If misting occurs, use citric acid dissolved in warm water. Shake vigorously and rinse.
  • Lead crystal wine glasses, decanters and spirt glasses do not generally pose a health risk if items are thoroughly washed after use and wines and spirits are not stored in them for extended periods.
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